Following curiosity through socially engaged art and design projects. In love with unorthodox research strategies.

Who are you? What is the world like? What matters?


Transforming the Way We Gather and Lead

How do we come together well? A practical workshop with Art of Hosting Portland that explores the culture of groups, and how we can build communities for equitable and inclusive decision making.

Select photos courtesy Jessica Riehl

The Hourglass

How does my past affect our future? A workshop where participants engage in dialogue, writing and illustration to explore heritage and shared ancestry, and it's impact on our shared present. 

Mapping the body

Workshops exploring the relationship between personal narrative, belief, and the body. Through a series of prompts, participants map aspects of experience in the body, culminating in life-size drawings of the inner landscape. 

Pasture Plant Guide of San Mateo County

Working for PointBlue Conservation Science, a field guide on the pasture plants of San Mateo County. Created with collaborator, illustrator and conservation biologist Mel Preston.

This Life

Proposal for a contemplative card game examining one’s constantly shifting relationship to life and the world. Cards come with multiple sets of directions for use. Additional blank cards are included encouraging players to create their own.

New Roots Community Farm

As the farm coordinator for the International Rescue Committee's New Roots Community Farm, collaborated on site planning and development, and offered workshops in small-scale agriculture. Working with the program manager and gardeners, developed strategies for communal farm management.