The Hourglass



The Hourglass is an intimate, ongoing single-session workshop where participants engage in dialogue, writing, and illustration to explore personal history and ancestral legacy. Taking cues from improv and performance art, participants respond to a series of prompts by embodying the roles and personas of ancestors, and imagining what wisdom they would offer us. The resulting artworks and writing are published in an irregularly updated book available to participants.


Transforming the Way

We Gather and Lead


Portland, Oregon, 2016, 2017

With Kevin Hiebert, Jessica Riehl, and Tenneson Woolf

I worked on the design and facilitation team for the Art of Hosting Portland's  annual three-day training offered to approximately thirty participants. The event explores the culture of groups and how we build communities for equitable and inclusive decision making. The event consists of large group activities and smaller focused workshops. I collaborated with the team to design the structure of the activities and co-facilitated training sessions. I also developed a large-scale participatory drawing that maps the activities and significant moments of the event. The drawing works to non-hierarchically gather the experiences and learning happening during the vent. 

Select photos courtesy Jessica Riehl


Mapping the Body


Portland, Oregon, 2016

With Jamie Aaronson

Offered as part of a series of Finding Creative Center events

Mapping the body was a series-based event that occurred once weekly for three months. During the events a consistent group of ten participants explored the relationship between personal narrative, belief, and the body. Over the course of the series meditative prompts evolved, asking participants to engage with the direct experience of the body. The program culminated in life-size drawings of participants' inner landscapes. 


This Life


Deck of 52 3 x 5" cards


This Life is a a contemplative card game consisting of 52 cards with illustrations. Intended for both casual use and day long reflection, the deck come with multiple instructions for use. Additional blank cards are included, encouraging players to create their own rules for play. The game examines the way that our relationship to life is governed by a sense of how the world relates to us. The game was developed out of a series of informal workshops held with friends in 2015.


New Roots Community Farm


New York, New York, 2014

With Kathleen McTigue, community farmers, and garden volunteers

For the International Rescue Committee


As the farm coordinator for the International Rescue Committee's New Roots Community Farm I worked with partner gardeners, collaborating on site planning and development of this community farm in the Bronx. Working with Kathleen McTigue, we offered workshops in small-scale agriculture and developed strategies for communal farm management and governance.



My work as an interdisciplinary artist is guided by a curiosity with how people communicate through social interaction and collaboration, and how art and design can serve as tools for deepening understandings of ourselves and our world.


I am interested in non-traditional design education; land-use, climate change, and human conceptions of time; group dynamics and conflict; nonduality and the definition of self; and resilience at the end of the Anthropocene. 

I also work as a traditional visual designer, a part-time farmer (currently landless—got leads?), and as an adjunct instructor of design. In Fall 2018 I began graduate studies in Portland State University's Art and Social Practice program.